Make a Change

Make a Change


Finding your personal fashion style may take many years of trial and error, and it isn’t usually static. Fashion styles change in phases, as a person grows older or simply go through a new chapter in their life. Sometimes, the fashion styles we use to identify as “weird” strange” just seem out of place when we look back on them in a year, five years, or even ten years. Other times, our personal style changes so much that it seems like there’s no turning back.


In most cases, our fashion style changes slowly; in some cases, it is a gradual change from one phase to the next. We have all been through stages where we felt good about ourselves and then felt really bad about ourselves in another phase. Some of these stages are quite short-lived. Some people are born with a natural tendency to be insecure and self-conscious about their appearance. Others develop these problems through experience, and some never get to these points at all.


If you’ve recently discovered a new interest or hobby, you may be wondering if this will affect your fashion style and make you look weird or strange. These days, just about anything you do can affect how you look and the way you feel.


If you’ve just recently been exposed to a particular interest, or if you’ve just started studying a new subject, you may be under the impression that what you’re interested in now has already affected your fashion style. This is often the case but not always.


For instance, you may find that when you start wearing different clothing fashions, your personality changes dramatically. Some people don’t like to wear trendy, out-of-style clothing, but other people love the idea of being fashionable and don’t mind buying clothes they feel good about wearing.


If you’ve recently begun a new hobby, whether it’s gardening, playing musical instruments, or studying a new language, you might feel a certain amount of relief that it doesn’t have any impact on how you look. But if you have had any kind of success with your hobby or hobby business, you may find that the change in your life affects the way that you think about yourself.


Another way in which a change in your fashion style can change your life is that it may have the effect of changing your whole outlook on life. It’s surroundings. Maybe you suddenly find that when you wore clothes that didn’t suit you in the past, you’re suddenly more comfortable wearing them and can actually look forward to going out into the world wearing them.


Fashion is a very individual thing and will never be the same for everyone. Changing your style is an option for every person – but if you’re unsure about whether you should do this, take a few days to assess your personal circumstances, your thoughts, and your feelings before you decide.


Don’t be afraid to say that you want to change. This will have a big impact on the way that you feel about the situation. If you’re afraid that other people will see the change, you might feel embarrassed when you finally do. If you’re confident about the decision, though, you’ll be happy that it’s finally happening.


Also, don’t get too excited about making the change right away. The worst thing that you can do is to rush into a new style just to make it seem new again. There are plenty of things that change your look, such as your hair color, skin tone, weight, or height, and you can sometimes feel that you can’t afford to wait.


Don’t be tempted to take the opportunity to become obsessed with your new look. Just because you like the way you look now, it’s OK to try to look better. You will feel a lot better when you do this.


Also, try to remember that the reason for doing any type of change is to make yourself look good and feel good. Don’t try to impress others by showing off your new look, unless you’ve been invited. Don’t let your clothes become a cause of stress.

Hunar Bhagwani

Hunar Bhagwani is the Startup Program and Events Manager at the interviewer today. he recruits rockstar startups for all TC events including Disrupt, meetups

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